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If I buy anything I will be sure to edit the post saying so, lovely people who buy me things :3
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HOLY COW i finally actually really did it, i opened a STORE ENVY 

at the moment ive only got a very limited stock of about 8 different kinds of prints, but all the profit made will go right back into the store, so hopefully ill be able to offer a wider variety of goods Very Soon ! 

currently ive got 6 different kinds of dragon hoards, as well as two other original drawing prints (also a few half-off accidentals)

nothing too big, but if youre interested feel free to check it out !

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Hey guys! I recently hit 6k and wanted to celebrate everyone’s support! 

WINNERS: There will be 1! Chosen by random using number generator

  • Ships from US, to anywhere! So international folks are welcome to join :)

PRIZES: Any 5 phone charms (the ds is mine askldjf haha), that I’ve made C: You can see all the ones that I’ve done H E R E


  • No use of giveaway blogs please!
  • Only reblogs count towards an entry!
  • You don’t need to follow, but the winner will get to pick a 6th charm if they are! 

ENDS:  Like last year, the giveaway will end August 4th! 2014 (my birthday!! hehe)

  • Winners will be contacted on Aug 5th, and will have a 24hr window to respond. So keep those ask boxes open! C: 
  • Everything will ship out by Aug 9th~

That’s it I think! Let me know if there’s any questions— until then, I’ll be working mostly.. wish there was more time to hang out here


More badass eeveelutions… and just in time to celebrate the original post getting 10k notes! Not only that, thanks to thethreehares the original has finally wrapped all the way around to my dashboard… my lil’ baby’s all growed up ;w;

If you like ‘em please consider purchasing some prints from my storenvy, I would be most appreciative ;w; Thanks tumblr!

really want the Vaporeon