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If I buy anything I will be sure to edit the post saying so, lovely people who buy me things :3
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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The Dragons of Video Games Art Series - Created by AJ Hateley and Pythos

The ultimate dragon compendium for gamers, this series is the latest work from the artistic masterminds over at Gametee. These beautiful Victorian inspired prints feature six great dragons from gaming lore: Alduin the World Eater, Spyro, Rathalos, Leviathan, the Ender Dragon, and the Dratini Evolutions. Each Dragon comes on High GSM Archival Quality heavyweight cardstock with a matte finish and a free collectible art card.

These prints are available for sale exclusively on Gametee, and Pixalry followers get a special discount. Just use the code PIXALRYDRAGONGT5 at checkout to get 5% off your dragon order!

You can also enter our giveaway here to win the complete set for free!

Definitely want Alduin, Spyro and Dragonite hnnngh

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So I found out Skullis makes dragon skulls now… It’s my two favorite things in one and I’m incredibly excited. SO. Here’s a spam of these as well.

Skulls in order of appearance:
Amethyst Agate Geode
Red Crazy Lace Agate
Blue Tigers Eye
Rainforest Jasper
Blue Tigers Eye
Chohua Jasper

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You have no idea how mighty my need for this backpack is

It’s from Morn Creations and I wanted this thing for years… It’s the largest  they have and if I would get one its definitly this version (becuase duh I actually want to fit stuff in there 8 T)

but they are only available from the USA (or Asia but somehow more expensive over there???).. thus:
YAY shipping
YAY customs/taxes…

Even without taxes it still would cost me over 80€ for the bag and shipping

I’m not sure Im ready to pay this much TuT”


one day maybe~


I was weak and ordered it. but HEEEY Can’t wait!!!







I’m sexually attracted to this Jacket


I have reblogged this before and I will again. Can’t get over this thing.

I should make this now.

I had two ideas for what I would get married in.

1. Pirate Attire

2. A cross between a dress and a tux

you have created both

Marry me in this and I will love you forever